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"I went down to the sacred store,
  where I heard the music years before. "

Click here. The sacred store where not a word is spoken. It's bells broken.

"But not a word is spoken. It's bells all were broken." American Pie Verse 6

300,000 Silent Churches

The First Church of the Internet

A study of the HIDDEN and FORBIDDEN parts of
The Ten Commandments

 and  the REVELATION of Moses solution to all
of America's problems. Solutions THEY hide from you.
Click here for a Ten Commandments based Adult Bible Course.
A Bible Course for Teenagers. Click here

Information not found on the TV

"And as I watched him on the stage,  my hands were clenched in fists of rage. No angel born in hell, could break that Satan's spell." American Pie, Verse 5

Extreme Weather. Severe Flooding.
Forest Fires. Tornado Outbreaks.

Who Is Tampering With God's Weather?
It is Hidden in Plane Sight!
What the TV Weatherman will not tell you
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Moses Prophesied Accurately
About Today's America!
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Read Deuteronomy. Especially Chapter 28
Something very bad happened in 1962, What?   Click here

71% of the Bible is about government.

Hundreds of articles and studies - click below.


Why do 'they' want to disarm Christians?
 Gun Control and the Bible
Gun control has cost the lives of millions.
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Moses Two Warnings to
End-Time America

Deuteronomy 28 Prophesy - Song of Moses

Billions for the Bankers
Debts for the People

  Was Your Retirement Account Plundered?
Secrets of the money system. (Even your local banker doesn't know.) Click here

 Are You Sick,
Overweight or Obese?

Bible believers don't have to be sick! And don't need 'faith healers'. Click here.

They burn the Bible one word at a time.
 Changing  the  Bible
Who is rewriting the Bible and why?
Click here.

There are two United States,
a 'we' and a 'they'.
 America  in  Bible  Prophecy
 Both are in the Bible! Click here.

"Boy is God opening my eyes! I am enjoying the lessons and learning things that I can not believe I was not taught in 50 years of church school teaching and attendance."            Pastor H. S.

Dear Sirs, 
   Let me say how much I am enjoying this Bible Study. Thank you so much. After three years of Bible School and fifteen years of preaching that God put his law away in Christ, God forgive me, and he has, thank God for opening my eyes. If we ministers would stop listening to our heads and start listening to our hearts, we would know God has not put away his commandments. God has been trying to show me this for a long time. I understand now why we are in such a mess. I don't know why I did not see this sooner. I ask for his forgiveness. In Jesus name I covenant before God, that from this time forward I will teach and preach his whole word.

When reading the newspaper, watching TV or  listening to a church sermon, have ever you said to yourself,  "Something's not right! I know there is something wrong but I can't put my finger on it"

Over 250 articles. Something for everyone.

 Information not found in public schools.**

Mississippi State Constitution Section 18 - Click here.
** Mississippi State Constitution Section 18 - Click here.

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