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 Question 1: At this point we have a decision to make. Which do you think is true?

[  ] Nisan and Abib are different names for the same month.

[  ] The Bible contradicts itself.

[X] They are names of the first months of two completely different calendars.






















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   You might see a man and a woman sitting together and ask, What is the name of your firstborn? One says John and the other answers Bob. Well, which is it. John or Bob.  It might be John Bob like Lunar/Solar.

  But this couple might not be married but two individuals from two different families. The woman, Mrs. Solar answers "John." The man, Mr. Lunar answers, "Bob." Two separate families with two different children. Solar first month Abib and Lunar first month Nisan.

   The purpose of this paper is to show the correct answer is "c". There are two separate Calendars in the Bible. One calendar is a Solar Calendar, the other calendar is Lunar.  Rather than go through a long detailed offering of proof and explanation, here's what we will do; 

First, describe the two calendars and their differences.

Second, we will show places in the Bible where one applies and the other does not. 

Finally we will show that, in some circumstances both Bible calendars are used at the same time. 

  Again, the great difficulty faced by the Bible researcher has been the assumption that there is only one Bible Calendar. As a result these researchers were in a position similar to a person solving a jig saw puzzle.

   But in this case someone mixed two jig saw puzzles together, removed some of the parts, then and watched us try to make one picture.

The Lunar Calendar
The Solar Calendar

   Many people are familiar with the Bible's Lunar Calendar. It is the calendar followed by the Jews and several Christian sects. The Calendar used by the general public is the Gregorian calendar. It is a solar calendar. Moses observed a solar calendar. For now I will ask you to accept the following table as correct with an offer of proof to follow.

Jewish Passover - March 28
            Easter Sunday - March 31
                        Christian Passover -  April 2

Day starts at clock midnight.
Moses Solar
Day starts at solar high noon.
Jewish Lunar
Day starts at
March 15   Nisan 1 based upon New Moon.
March 20 Midnight

Spring Equinox

Abib 1 at Noon

At sunset Nisan 6
At midnight March 21
At noon Abib 2
At sunset Nisan 7
March 28 Midnight  Abib 8 till noon         Full Moon

Nisan 13 till sunset

                Noon Abib 9 at noon
                Sunset Nisan 14 Jewish Passover at sunset
At midnight March 29

Abib 10 at noon
Jewish Passover continues till sunset March 29. At sunset. Nisan 15 begins.
30 11 At sunset Nisan 16
March 31 Easter 12 At sunset Nisan 17
April 1 13 At sunset Nisan 18
April 2 Midnight
  At sunset Nisan 19
Abib 14 at Noon Christian Passover
April 3 Solar Passover continues till noon April 3 At sunset Nisan 20

The Bible's Lunar Calendar

The Bible's Solar Calendar

   The first day of the year is determined by the New Moon following tile Spring Equinox. The mew moon following the spring equinox is used to determine the first day of the Lunar Calendar year.    The first day or the Solar year is determined by the Spring Equinox. The first day of the Solar Bible year is the first day of spring.
   People using the Lunar calendar use the Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice, Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice to divide the year into seasons.    The Solar year is divided into four seasons. Each season is divided into three months;

   The first day of spring is determined by the Spring Equinox and which is the first day of the first month.

   The first day of summer is determined by the Summer Solstice which is the first day of the fourth month.

   The first day of fall is determined by the Fall Equinox which is the first day of the seventh month. (It is interesting that the first day of this seventh Bible month occurs in our Gregorian ninth month named September. But the 'sept' in September means seven.)

   The first day of winter is determined by the Winter Solstice which is the first day of the tenth month. (Our Gregorian month is called December. The 'dece' means ten. So we have our months having names with these meanings.

July after Julius Caesar.
August after August Caesar.
ember meaning 7th moth.
October meaning 8th month.
November meaning 9th month.
December meaning 10th month.

   The Lunar year is divided into twelve months by the moon.

   The month begins at the New Moon and it's about twenty nine days long.

 There are usually twelve months in a Lunar year. A few years have thirteen months.

   The Solar year is divided into twelve months by the twelve signs of tile Zodiac. (Also because there are twelve tribes of Israel, each tribe is represented by a sign of the Zodiac*).

* Not Astrology - see footnote.

   The days of the Bible's Lunar Calendar begin at sunset.    The days of the Bible's Solar Calendar begin at high noon. The morning (A.M.) and the evening (P.M.) make one day. (However, "day" can mean the time from sunrise to sunset and "night" means sunset to sunrise.) 

   The Gregorian Solar Calendar has a midnight to midnight day.

   The Sabbath day of the lunar Calendar begins at Friday sunset and runs to Saturday at sunset.    The Sabbath day of the Solar Calendar begins on Saturday at high noon and runs to Sunday at high noon. (Have you noticed that many business shut their doors about noon on Saturday and come Sunday afternoon you become restless and want to wash the car or mow the grass? Is it in our nature to observe this Sabbath?)
   The Jews and some Christian sects follow a version of the Lunar Calendar.

   Tree sap flows according to the Lunar calendar. That makes for a 'early' or 'late' spring. (Things from below)

tree sap/birds = two calendars in the Bible/two calendars in nature.

   Most Christian nations follow a version of the Solar Calendar. Mostly the Gregorian.

   Birds migrate according to a Solar calendar. (Things from 'above')

   John 8:23 And he (Jesus) said unto them, (Pharisees) Ye are from beneath; I am from above: ye are of this world; I am not of this world.

* The Zodiac and Astrology: Astrology is a false science designed to hide the truth of the Bible. The astrologer's claim that everyone is born under a sign of the Zodiac. They say your sign is determined by your birthday.

   The signs of the Zodiac have to do with the twelve tribes of Israel. If you are an Israelite*, your sign is determined not by your birthday, but by your racial tribe. For example Judah's sign is Leo the lion. The dates of the signs of the Zodiac as found in your newspaper do accurately mark the solar year months. 

1 Chronicles 27:1 Now the children of Israel after their number, [to wit], the chief fathers and captains of thousands and hundreds, and their officers that served the king in any matter of the courses, which came in and went out month by month throughout all the months of the year, of every course [were] twenty and four thousand (12 courses, one for each tribe. Each Israelite tribe's flag was based upon one of the signs of the Zodiac.

   The Bible condemns Astrology so don't accuse me of promoting Astrology. A book about the Bible and the Zodiac is available and titled, The Glory of the Stars by Ray Capt.

* Caucasians are true Israel.

   There are many variations of these two basic calendars. But, thus far, I have never heard anyone say there are two completely separate calendars in the Bible. Thus far, each Bible student presents his opinion of the calendar by mixing some features of each to come up with just one calendar. All these past efforts are the result of an attempt to find, in the Bible, only one 'true' calendar.

Now let's see where these two calendars are found in the Bible.

Genesis 1:15 Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to (1) divide the day from the night, and let them be for (2) signs, and for (3) seasons and for (4) days and for (5) years.

Job 25:5 Behold even to the moon, and it shineth not; yea, the stars are not pure in his sight.

Job 31:26 If I beheld the sun when it shined, or the moon walking [in] brightness;

   At first many assume that the 'lights' of Genesis 1:15 are the sun, moon and stars. But Job says the moon is not a light. (shineth not) He also says the moon reflects the sun's light. (the moon walking in brightness) So the 'lights' are just the sun and stars.

Question 2a: In Genesis 1:15 the lights in the firmament (sun and stars) are not for: Chose the one item in the list below that is NOT in the Bible verse above.

[  ] divide the day from the night.
[  ] for signs (of the zodiac).
[  ] for seasons (of the year).
[  ] for months.
[  ] for days.
[  ] for years.

Question 2b: Which calendar best fits Genesis 1:15?

[  ] The Lunar Calendar in which the months are determined by the moon.
[  ] The Solar Calendar the where the months are set by the sun and stars.

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