QUESTION: "Why doesn't God answer prayer?" or perhaps "Does God Answer Prayer?" or “Where have we failed for the God we pray to remain unresponsive?”

ANSWER from the Kolbrin click here. The Kolbrin is not a Bible, rather an ancient book containing interesting information on many subjects.


Book of Manuscripts (Page 249)
(Starting at the end of Chapter 19)

21 These are the later days, yet things remain unchanged, the good suffer while the wicked prosper. Whose fault is this? Certainly not God’s, this is a man made state. It was built by strength and strength must smash it down and rebuild. The good have been too passive. Arise from your knees and look the foe in the face. Strike a blow for God and good.

Chapter 20 — Commentary of Frater Astorus

1 From the days of the Ancients have been heard the lamentations of the woeful and disheartened, and they ask the winds, “Where have we failed for the God we pray to remain unresponsive?” They air their goodness and virtues and ask why these have gone unrewarded. It becomes a grievance with them and they know not where to seek the answer.

2 In this, our generation, goodly men have been robbed of their estates by warlike strangers, and their wives have even ravaged by men who have studied the ways of weaponry. Their possessions have been sold to provide earthly pleasure for those who revel in things of the Earth, and their households have been despoiled to give pleasure to fornicating fighters.

3 In their dire despair, they seek to lay the blame upon a God who does not strike down wrongdoers and seemingly rewards those who are earthly wise. Wherein have they failed? This is the echo in the corridors of the ages.

4 They have failed because they have left to God the things which they, as God’s overseers on Earth, should have accomplished. It is men in the mass who permit evil to flourish in their midst. Their woeful lamentations ascend to Heaven and call upon the heavenly hosts for aid, but better by far would it be were they to call upon their own resolution and fortitude and fight the good fight, to bring about the rule of right and justice.

5 All that is wrong with the world has its genesis in men, and if evil stalks the land, then it follows the attitudes and acts of men. Therefore, it is men who must make recompense for their lack of effort producing concern. If the people establish the way of iniquity as their way, then it is the wrong-doers who will be rewarded with bounty, and this is not God’s will but man’s.

6 If the people lament and are disenchanted with the way things are, then it is a time for action rather than a time for prayer. Pray not for heavenly help, but for a strong right arm and righteous wrath and resolution. The gospel of despair is for weak­lings.

7 If evil be established by the sword, then it is because the swords of the good have lacked strength and numbers. Those who petition The Great God for help must be sure they have lacked nothing in their own preparations. They must fight strength with strength, and where they lack numbers then they must fight with subtlety, but above all else they must fight. This is the law they have ignored, and their woe begotten lamentations are as a stench to The Most High.

Additional comments from:

Book of Gleanings – Chapter 10 (Page 67)

14 “The Father of the Gods made cattle as He made all creatures, and while He ruled their ways they were protected from the deadly herbs.

Then men took them unto themselves so they might serve them. They yielded milk and cheese to nourish them and form meat to sustain them, their hides covered them warmly as they slept. These things the cattle gave, not unto God but unto man.

Therefore, who should protect and care for them, he who benefits or He who does not? Do you expect God to herd your cattle? To keep them from the deadly herb while you slumber in the shade?

Is this not a just reward for your slothfulness? You know that the herb is deadly, but these cattle, the dumb servants of man, know it not, for they are delivered into your care. Would you take all they give while denying them the diligence of your protection?

What kind of men are you who cry, “Woe unto us whom God has forsaken”. Who wring their hands, saying, “What god shall we seek to aid us in our self-wrought calamity?

Arise like men, to shoulder the burden of your own slothfulness and lack of diligence. Never fear that God will fail man, for if man does the duties of man God will do the duties of God, for it is man who falls short. It is man who seeks to take more than he gives. Surely whatever man takes for his benefit also becomes his respon­sibility.

God decrees that man may take whatever he will for his own use, hut in so doing, he must also assume responsibility for its care and rightful use. Is this unjust?” The men said no more.


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