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Bible Knowledge
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(The) End of the Age 

Emry, Pastor Sheldon - The Sheldon Emry Memorial Library

Ezra (Josephus about)

Faith Healers


The Modern Day American Family in Deuteronomy 28 as Prophesied by Moses in the Bible

Corporal Punishment One of the New Testament writers was spanked! Do you know who? Did Christ die on the cross so that unruly children would not be spanked?

What GOOD Parents and Grandparents Must Know about Child Protective Services NOW Before It Is Too Late!

Marriage, a Contract of Obedience and Protection

Teenager's Bible Course


Food Laws in the Bible
If You Are You Sick, Overweight or Obese, click here.
The Dangers of Eating Pork  (Perhaps Christ died on the cross to cleanse pigs of worms?)
National Health Problems
Does God Heal Today?
Swine Flu Caper
Swine Flu Expose
Pork (The Dangers of Eating) (Printer friendly - click here for PDF)
Pork (The Adverse Influence of Pork Consumption on Health) (Click here for PDF)
Unclean Animals (Did Jesus cleanse them?)
A Voice From The Past
Health Aspects Of The Consumption of Pig Meat (Pork)

(THE) FORCE and The Ten Commandments (Star Wars)

Four Inch Rule

Freedom of Speech (Everyone has it except the clergy)

King George v King Jesus


Gentile, The word as used in the Bible

Gentiles (Who Are The Gentiles? In the New Testament, why is the word Gentiles capitalized?)

Gentile Deception (The Jew - Gentile Deception)

The Golden Calf

Gospels - Matthew, Mark, Luke, John in parallel. With O.T. references and showing New Age Translation changes.

Graham, Billy on interracial marriage

Gun Control (Should Christians have guns?)

Hate  (What is 'hate' and who are the haters? Who are the 'lovers'?)


George Washington's Vision
Heirs of the Promise
History of the Governments of Israel and Judah
History of Christianity (The True)
Stone of Destiny
Israel (Lost Tribes of Israel Found in America)
Israel (A church song, I know that we (Christians) are Israel)
Israel (True Israel's Fingerprints)
Vietnam War, A Christian Analysis
What Jeremiah Planted
Lost Ten Tribes Found
Passion (The) (What has been concealed - 18 hours!)
Noah's Flood

Holidays, Bible

Holy Trinity Church v. U.S. (Supreme Court Case) (First Amendment)

Moses Horns

Immigration Reform, Undocumented Workers,  
Jobs Americans Donít Want

Immigration Laws of the Bible

Interracial marriage (Ruth the 'Moabite')

International Year of Bible Reading

Thomas Jefferson, A Bill for Punishing Disturbers of Religious Worship and Sabbath Breakers


Jericho, The Fall of

Jesus Return

Jesus Christ's and Isaac's Birthday

The Jew - Gentile Deception


Sunday School
Ducks and the Hens
Evidence, New
Extremist Disturbs a Religious Ceremony
Golden calf of 1550 B.C. Canaanites unearthed
Television, 23rd Channel
Natives in Alaska Get Church Apologies
Spanking Unruly Children
Marriage and the Joke Book


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