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Race (The White Race and the Bible)


America's Christian History
The Doctrine of Balaam
The Third Commandment
A Message to Young People
What is Baal Worship?
The Abortion Clinic (The Secret Place)
The Old and New Covenants
The Sabbath Day and the United States Supreme Court
National Money Problems
Separation of Church and State
Religion and Politics
The Seventh Commandment
Capitol Punishment

Rape (Cartoon)

Religion and Politics

Religion, established

The End Time Deliverer Must Be Killed!

The Mark of The Beast

The Mark of the Beast vs. The Mark of God

Revelation, all 22 chapters

Revelation and Daniel, The Book of

Revival, King Hezekiah

Rewards by works

Reincarnation or Ressurrection

Roe v. Wade

Runkel vs. Winemiller et al. (Christianity is the established religion.)

Ruth the 'Moabite'


Which Day is the Sabbath? Three choices!
Sabbath Day
Sabbath Day and the Supreme Court (Radio program)
Sabbath Day and the U.S. Supreme Court (McGowan v. Maryland 366 U.S. 420)
Sabbath Day and Thomas Jefferson
Sabbath Day in the New Testament
(Civil) Sabbath Legislation In The Old Testament
McGowan v. Maryland 366 U.S. 420 (1961) (Sabbath day legislation)

Salvation by faith

Second Commandment (Statutes not statues)

Secret Place, the

Secular Humanism

Separation of Church and State

Seventh Commandment

The Sheldon Emry Memorial Library. Hundreds of church sermons and radio programs, many about America in the Bible.  Alphabetical listing of sermons.

Skywalker (Anakin)

Slaying of the Passover Lamb

Song of Moses

Spain, a Christian Nation

Spaceships in the Bible What Need Does God Have for a Starship? (The clouds of heaven)

Spanking (Corporal Punishment)

Spring Cleaning

Schwarzenegger For President

Tabernacles, Feast of

Teenagers Bible Course

Telegony (Something every virgin needs to know before it s too late.)

Television (Why Television is Addictive)

Ten Commandments in the New Testament

Theft (Cartoon)

Theft in government (Not Yours To Give)

Third Commandment

300,000 Silent Churches

Holy Trinity Church v. U.S.

Trumpets, Feast of

The United States is a Christian Nation

Victory in Jesus

Vigilantes and trouble-makers (Why wicked rulers love them)

Wave Sheaf

Wheat and the Tares

Wizard of Oz

Women, Strange

Yada, Yada, Yada

Year of The Bible

Young People, a message to

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