This song was found is an old church song book.

I Know that we're Israel       R.A. Gould Page 33

Oh hear ye my people if Israel I will tell, a
There's Abram, Isaac and Jacob in that plan. In that plan there's
we're Israel. Yes Israel, And ruling with our God ye

nation a people, here on earth do dwell with
loswos (?) the leader, he was a Hebrew man, there's
formed us: He sealed us, with righteousness are we shod. It's

Jesus, our Savior, to rule with peace and love, It's
David and Samuel and Jesus Christ our king, We
coming a kingdom, It's ruled by God's own son, Oh

Page 33 Continued

Is the New Jerusalem right from above
y're a chosen people. Let us shout and sing
Glory halleluiah: Let that kingdom come


I know we are Israel. The Bible tells me so. I
know that we are Israel. The law and prophets show. We
are the anointed. A servant race are we. A
witness to his glorious Name, a king of majesty

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