Children’s Past Lives and Capital Punishment

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   Sometimes a child’s understanding of the patterns of life can go beyond that of most adults, including their parents. When this happens, all we can do is open to the lessons and be grateful for the wisdom this child brings to us so freely. Lisa continues:

   Courtney is now six. Most of her past life recollections have slowed down, but not completely. She said something a few months ago that I found really interesting.

   We were in the kitchen, and she was breezing through in a sequined tutu. Courtney is a very dramatic, creative person, so she just came fluttering through the kitchen. The TV was on showing a news story of some kind. I wasn’t paying attention, but Courtney asked me why that lady on TV was crying. Well, I tuned in mentally for the first time and realized they were talking about how this woman’s son was going to be executed for a crime he had committed. I tried to explain this to Courtney in a nice way without going into detail about what rape means.

   Courtney said, “Well, Mom, she just doesn’t understand. That’s why she’s sad.”

   I said, “Courtney, what do you mean she doesn’t under stand?”

   “Well,” she replied, “she just doesn’t understand that when someone has messed up their lives as badly as this man has, that it’s really not a punishment to die. Because when be dies, he gets to start over again and be a baby in a new family without any bad things that he’s done following him. And that’s really a lot better for him because he won’t waste his energy, and he’ll be able to learn what be needs to learn a lot easier if he starts over. And she just doesn’t understand this, Momma, because if she did, she wouldn’t be sad.” With that, Courtney flitted out of the room.

   I get goose bumps when I talk about this. It took me about three hours to really contemplate what she had said. To me, that is a deep integration of her beliefs, especially for someone who is six years old. Believe me, it did not come from us. We attend a Presbyterian church and I consider us open-minded, but this does not come from religious dogma she has picked up. She never beard this kind of reasoning before. It was all her own.

   I feel a great responsibility toward Courtney to nurture whatever this is in her. I feel that I have a child who is a more advanced soul than I am. At the moment I felt like I was the child and I bad asked a childish question. Without being sassy or rude, she succinctly put me in my place.

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“A Deep Integration of Beliefs”

   Mary Fleming’s children described their spiritual memories with childlike images of the places and events they remembered. Some children are born not only with these memories but also with a gift for comprehending and articulating sophisticated spiritual concepts. Lisa’s daughter Courtney is one of these children:

   One day my son, Joey, was looking at a baby picture of his older sister Aubrey. He asked where he had been when the picture had been taken. Aubrey replied, “You were in baby heaven waiting to be born, Joey.”

   Courtney got very indignant at this and said, “That’s not how it works! That is just not how it works!”

   She then clarified this by telling us: “You go to heaven, then you have a little time to rest, kind of like a vacation, but then you have to get to work. You have to start thinking about what you have to learn in your next life. You have to start picking out your next family, one that will help you learn whatever it is you need to learn next. Heaven isn’t just a place you go to hang around forever. It’s not just a place to relax and kick back. You have work to do there.”

   Courtney was very serious about this, very. She was four and a half at the time. This was not a childlike concept of heaven. This is a place where things must be accomplished.

   I decided to confront her a little bit, so I said, “Courtney, if you have been in heaven, do you remember it?”

   She said, “Yah.”

   “Well, then,” I said, “you must have seen God."

   She nodded and told me that she had. I thought to my self, I’m going to pin her down now. I said, “I really don’t remember God. Could you please tell me what he looked like?”

   Well, I was expecting the Hollywood version — a bright light or some warm feeling. She looked at me with eyes that went straight through me and said, “Don’t you know, I only saw God with my soul.”

   I should have known I wasn’t going to pin her into a corner.

Comment: The early Christian Church believed in reincarnation. The Bible teaches reincarnation. Check it out for yourself by clicking here.

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